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Very pleasant experience

By: Laurel M ~ 21/03/2012
Items Sold: gold jewelry • Location: Long Beach CA
I was driving by, I had actually thought about selling my gold that I had for quite awhile and I had driven by and seen an ad and decided I would go in there, into the building and went in and had a very pleasant experience. The girl that waited on me was very nice and very professional. It was really nice inside and really enjoyed the experience. When they brought the check out to me, I was very surprised because it was more than I expected.

Walked out with over $1,600!

By: Stephanie H ~ 24/03/2012
Items Sold: Old gold jewelry • Location: Lakewood CA
I saw a GoldMax commercial and decided that I wanted to go get all my gold out of my jewelry box. When I looked online, I received a 20% coupon and decided to go in and check it out. It was great! I walked out with over $1,600. When I went to GoldMax I didn’t think I’d get anything more than two or three hundred dollars and I walked out with $1,600! I couldn’t believe it!

GoldMax gave me a lot more than I anticipated

By: Shawn K ~ 08/04/2012
Items Sold: Earrings and silver platters • Location: Los Angeles CA
A couple pairs of earrings from the 80’s that I knew that I would never in my lifetime wear again and also a lot of silver platters that grandmothers had given me. I kept some of course for sentimental values but I knew that a lot of the platters, I wouldn’t be able to use so those were the things I had sold. When they brought that check out, I was so thrilled because I had thought that I would have to get rid of some of the stuff at garage sales and I was a little sad because I knew that I wouldn’t get near what they were worth. GoldMax gave me a lot more than I anticipated.

I will certainly be back!

By: Erin U ~ 30/04/2012
Items Sold: Necklace • Location: Lakewood CA
When I came to the store, I was greeted by a very nice young lady. Was really nervous because I almost felt I was doing something wrong by getting rid of the piece of jewelry that I was getting rid of even though it had no mark at all anymore and she just made me feel real comfortable. Once I realized how the process worked at GoldMax, I was very comfortable, and the fact that they explained everything to me allowed me to gain the knowledge and the comfort zone was there. Never in my wildest dreams, did I think I was going to get that much money for old gold. I immediately called my brother. It was my first visit to GoldMax but I will certainly be back!

Easy, non-intimidating and fun

By: Dorothy W ~ 11/05/2012
Items Sold: scrap gold • Location: Glendale CA
She sat me down and we tested the gold and she looked at it all and went through the process with me and it was like so easy and non-intimidating and it was fun. She was great. What I’m going to do now is go back home and see if I have any more junky gold, broken up things that I want to get rid of and also silver. Because they took silver too and I didn’t know that in the beginning. I would definitely refer all my friends and family and they’ve already asked me about it and they’re gathering up their gold now.

I feel safe going to GoldMax

By: Angela P ~ 17/05/2012
Items Sold: small gold chain, earrings • Location: Lakewood CA
Nicole was REALLY helpful. She told me exactly what she was doing and how she was going to measure it and how she was going to calculate what we were getting. When Nicole told me how much I was going to get for my gold, I was really happy. I feel safe going to GoldMax. I like that it’s in my neighborhood, it’s right by our house. We know people there and we feel comfortable going close to home.

Shopped around

By: Laun ~ 07/06/2012
Items Sold: gold collection • Location: California
The price of gold being so high, I just wanted to get a fair price and I did see a previous commercial. Kept that in the back of my mind, I shopped around a bit and when I came to GoldMax, great deal, very happy, very pleased. This money was going to easily pay for a lot of bills I was worried about paying.

Very nice people

By: Valerie H ~ 13/06/2012
Items Sold: Gold earrings and circlet • Location: Schaumburg Il
I was really worried about selling my jewelry because I thought I would have to go to a pawn shop but I saw GoldMax on the internet and decided to try it out. It was so nice! The store was classy and comfortable and the representative was very helpful and informative. I ended up getting an offer way above what I expected. Thank you Goldmax!


By: Arlene ~ 27/06/2012
Items Sold: gold and silver • Location: Georgia
Just like the title, I was "Wowed" by my visit to GoldMax! I walked into the store and was greeted by a very sweet young girl. I sat down, showed her what I had brought in and she started explaining the gold buying process. Piece by piece, she tested my items. There were items I had brought in that were not "buyable" as they were gold filled. But that's ok because as Amanda filled out the form and I was totally WOWED by what I was receiving for a small pile of some old gold and silver!! And I was paid on the spot which was even better!! I will definitely be looking around and bringing some more old jewelry to GoldMax. Hopefully I'll have enough to take the vacation I'd like to take. Thanks GoldMax and you will be seeing more of me, my friends and family :)

Very Happy Camper

By: Laura ~ 15/09/2012
Items Sold: Gold and silver scrap • Location: Elgin, IL
Very professional. The atmosphere was pleasant and low pressure - no aggressive reps pestering you. They fully explained how they calculated the value of my gold scrap. I felt comfortable dealing with them and felt they gave me a fair deal for my gold scrap. I walked out a very "happy camper" and highly recommend them!


By: S. Huffman ~ 28/10/2012
Items Sold: Misc silver, gold chains • Location: Arlington
To be honest, I thought they were not worth anything but Kelli V. helped us and she was very knowledgeable and explained the process. We felt like we got a very fair price. We will be back and I have told my friends to gather their things and see what they can get. Thanks for the easy process we had with Kelli.


By: Debbie ~ 01/12/2012
Items Sold: gold & silver jewelry • Location: Fountain Valley, CA
Wonderful experience at GoldMax in Fountain Valley, CA. The gal who helped me was very friendly and knowledgeable. I was in and out in about 30 minutes and got more money than I expected! I will definately return to GoldMax and I highly recommend them to my friends.

pleasant surprise

By: pamela sharar ~ 14/12/2012
Items Sold: old jewelry • Location: newnan, ga
I only took a couple items the first time as I was nervous, but Brittany was awesome! She explained everything and really took her time to make me feel comfortable. I came back later with a lot of old stuff. The dollar amount really got my husband's attention, Ha Ha! Again, Brittany is a great rep for your company, and we'll be back.
Cash For Gold · GoldMaxUSA 5/5 of 13 reviews